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Automated Attendant Assures Caller, ‘Your call is VERY important to us,’ Every Fifteen Seconds


Don’t believe it.  After the thirtieth repetition, the assurance seems a bit insincere, and after the eightieth, downright sadistic.  For over an hour, the same ten seconds of music plays over and over in a continual loop.  For the first few minutes, the instrumental is pleasant, even soothing.  After half-an-hour, you begin to feel the urge to pierce your own eardrums with a hot metal rod.  The only reprieve is the interruption, in perfectly timed intervals, of that voice that you now realize comes from none other than the devil himself. 

The entire process rises to the level of psychological abuse previously reserved for CIA black sites and medieval torture chambers.  Obviously, your VERY important call does not meet the level of importance that would entail someone actually answering it in the first place.    


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