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Books on Transgenderism Sue Dewey Decimal System for Textual Discrimination


Tired of being relegated to less than prestigious levels of classification within the Dewey Decimal System, Transgender books have filed a class-action lawsuit to gain more exposure and acceptance in libraries across the country.  Previously, the Library of Congress assigned transgender books to classifications of either 165.0 (Fallacies and Sources of Error), 132.0 (Mental Derangements), or 363.0 (Other Social Problems), all shelved in library closets. 

Under intense pressure from the transgender lobby, the LOC reclassified transgender books to 813.0 (Fiction) or 804.0 (Not Assigned).  Transgender advocates were not amused, and immediately filed suit.  Their demands include a brand new classification, 1000.0 (Transgenderism!), as well as shelf placement in the middle of the main floor, rainbow-themed streamers and a transvestite tour guide. 

Every library patron must now check out at least one transgender book, and write a positively glowing review.  If not, their library cards will be revoked and their names entered into the ‘hate’ registry.