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Mass Shootings: Is It a Gun Problem or a White Supremacy Problem?…Because It Can’t Be Both. Actually, It’s Neither


The anti-second amendment fanatics change the definition of mass shootings on a whim in order to push the narrative that they are happening at a pace of about one per day so far in 2019.  Race baiting social justice warriors claim, without providing any evidence, that mass shooters are almost exclusively right wing, white supremacists.  Opportunistic, ambulance-chasing, Progressive politicians, in concert with their media cohorts, equivocate that both contentions are unquestionably true.  Problem:  If we use the left’s definition of ‘mass shooting’ as ‘four or more victims’ in order to maximize the severity of our culture’s ‘gun problem’, then it becomes a fact that the perpetrators are approximately two-thirds non-white

They cannot have it both ways.  Actually, they cannot have it either way.  The ‘normality’ of mass killings is neither a gun problem nor a race problem.  It is a cultural problem.  It is a morality problem.  It is a ‘separation of church and state’ problem.  As God is removed from virtually every aspect of our society, evil will gladly fill the void.    

The absence of God is the origin of a relativistic being and, widespread, a disordered people…leaving us all susceptible to demonic tendencies that are no longer rare and isolated but instead are now decimating our culture with regularity.  We all see the symptoms, and the symptoms we fruitlessly attack.  We also see the causes, yet the causes we willfully ignore.  After each incident of mass murder, government malfeasance, school shooting, opioid death, child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, financial crime, youth suicide…we feign incredulity, pass yet more laws, and blame everyone and everything save the one obvious reality that now so thoroughly defiles our culture – the veneration of our immorality and the conscious rejection of our God.