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Modern Family: Woman Gives Birth to A Girl for Her Gay Son Using His Partner’s Sister’s Egg, Then Marries the Gay Son’s Partner’s and Sister’s Father and Has another Daughter


So…They’re going to need a Gantt chart for this one.  Family reunions have already caused nothing but confusion and mental anguish.  The family reached out to Ancestry.com for clarification of the intricate relationships.  Months later, Ancestry.com responded with their results and a ‘family tree’ that more closely  resembled a briar patch: 

“Child #1 is actually the biological daughter of the gay son and his partner’s sister, and the adopted daughter of the gay son’s partner.  The gay son’s partner’s sister is the biological mother of Child #1 but is also her aunt.  The woman is Child #1’s surrogate mother as well as her grandmother but Child #1’s immediate family consists of no mothers and two fathers.  Child #2 is the biological daughter of the woman and her gay son’s partner’s father.  She is also the half-sister of the woman’s gay son, the aunt of the older Child #1 as well as her half-sister, the niece and, at the same time, the half-sister of the woman’s son’s partner and his sister.”  A modern family indeed.