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There are Some Things in Life that Money Can’t Buy…Unless You Carry a ‘VictimCard’


Democratic Socialists have created a whole new line of intersectional identity cards to affirm any type of paranoidal persecution that one could possibly imagine.  Brought to you by the same people who created the RaceCard, the newest cards fight a wider range of institutional oppression.  When you have no real argument or any factual data, just play any of these cards as a sure-fire way of winning every argument, and getting whatever you want. 

You now have more than just race at your disposal.  You can play the new FemaleCard, GenderCard, LGBTCard, WomenOfColorCard, MuslimCard, PlusSizeCard, TriggerCard, or even the ShitIJustMadeUpCard.  The more cards you carry, the more attention you’ll get.  Don’t worry about overusing any of the cards because they come with no limits.  However, if the need arises, you can always play the platinum EntitlementCard to relieve yourself of any personal responsibility whatsoever. 

Remember, their rights end where your feelings begin!  The VictimCards…Don’t Leave Home Without Them!