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Themes for This Year’s Golden Globes: Meat Dresses and #LookAtMeToo


As a tribute to Madonna’s ‘meat dress,’ which debuted eight years ago, women adorned themselves with various renditions of poultry, beef, lamb and veal at the Golden Globe Awards last night.  Also, in the wake of “millennia of misogyny,” feminists made a defiant and unified stand in their denunciation of the “patriarchy of show business.”  “For years men have viewed women as nothing more than sexual objects.  Tonight, we are here to put an end to that,” said Chrissy Metz and Ashley Graham in a joint statement. 

“We demand to be taken seriously…to be recognized professionally for our artistic ability, not to be judged by our appearances,” added Jenna Dewan, who sashayed through the crowd in a daring see through gown with a neckline plunging to her nether regions and a rib-high side-slit, connected at the waist by a single veal cutlet.  Even Ariel Winter, normally very modest and shy on the red carpet, strongly denounced the “toxic masculinity” of Hollywood as she struck a pose for the cameras while boldly exposing her mammalian protuberances with only the most sensitive parts being covered by two strategically placed Cornish hens.  

In the midst of the #MeToo and #Time’sUp movements, women, especially those in Hollywood, will no longer be slaves to men’s inordinate passions.  The three hundred or so people who admitted tuning in to the myopic celebration were nearly unanimous in their approval of the award show’s message.  PETA, on the other hand…


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