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BuzzFeed Wins Emmy For On-Line Comedy of Errors


Instead of the Pulitzer Prize they so passionately thought they deserved, BuzzFeed.News was unexpectedly tapped for an Emmy award for best comedy.  Barely fending off other news outlets HuffPo, Refinery 29, Hooch, Mother Jones, and Think Progress, BuzzFeed has received the award for the most audacious ‘Comedic Errors in Journalism.’ 

The online news organization, heralded as the ‘New York Times of click-bait reporting,’ has made some of the most hilarious gaffes in journalistic integrity since the advent of .com news reporting.  Examples include the unverified and now totally debunked ‘Trump Dossier” from late 2016; the “Trump Told Cohen to Lie” lie from early 2019; and the ‘coup de gras,’ mid-2017’s report on ‘fake news’ that turned out to be ‘fake news.’ 

With a track record so prolific, BuzzFeed may someday hope to join news titans CNN, MSNBC, BBC and The Telegraph with a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ in ‘hilarious if not fraudulent news reporting.’  Comic Genius!