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US Military to Allow Transients to Serve On a Temporary Basis


In order to more fully realize the panacea that is diversity, the military has begun recruiting with an eye toward disparity.  As our enlightened culture has come to understand, it is only through diversity that unity is fulfilled.  To that end, the military is now weighing the potential value that transients might offer the Armed Forces.  “We realize that it’s difficult for them to stay in one place for very long,” acknowledged Marine Corp General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr., “but we feel an intense responsibility to be inclusive of any and all lifestyles as those traits only serve to bolster military cohesion and readiness.” 

Gen. Dunford is not alone in seeing the intrinsic worth that transients can bring to the military.  There is a growing number of high-ranking military generals that are defending the decision to allow transients to openly serve in the military, even though it is often only for short periods of time.  Government officials have even gone so far as to offer to pay for the transients’ moving costs, both coming and going. 

Rank and file soldiers, however, do not seem to be as enthusiastic.  Numerous enlisted soldiers, all requesting anonymity, have voiced opinions that are in stark contrast with military leadership.  One such soldier, a sergeant serving in Afghanistan, recalled an incident on the front lines that left him doubting any positive contribution that transients can offer.  “We were preparing to advance on the enemy when I noticed an entire battalion of transients leaving their positions.  Their weapons, their uniforms, all their gear…just lying on the ground.  When I called out to them, their only reply was, ‘Sorry, it’s just time for us to move on.’”