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Drag Queen ‘Jessica L’Whor’ Visits Middle School


Adams 12 Five Star school district in Denver, Colorado invited a drag queen, Jessica L’Whor, for career day last month.  The school district’s spokesperson, Terry Bean, defended the controversial invite as being “in the spirit of diversity and tolerance.”  “Diversity is the primary goal of all public education,” admitted Mr. Bean.  “To that end, the school district is dedicating itself to diversity training by also sponsoring a Bring a Sodomite to School’ day, an ‘S&M’ themed pep rally, and a performance of the musical comedy, the ‘Art of Prostitution,’ during next semester’s school fundraiser.”  A few parents voiced their concern and notified the school that they wished to opt-out.  Mr. Bean informed them that diversity training was now mandatory and there would no longer be any excused absences.  “We expect every single student to celebrate diversity in the exact same way.”