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Stacey Abrams Vetoes All Bills Passed by Georgia Legislature


Still believing that she won the election for Governor of Georgia, Stacey Abrams has created her own State website, printed new business cards, and, just last month, was arrested for trespassing at the Governor’s Mansion.  “There is no doubt that I was the winner of the Governor’s race last fall,” stated Abrams at her hearing to determine mental capacity.  She claims that she has in her possession some sixty thousand ballots cast by her imaginary friends that were never counted, which proves that she is the actual governor, not Brian Kemp. 

Now firmly seated behind the Governor’s desk in her padded room at the Georgia Central State Hospital, Abrams has been getting on with the duties of her office.  Most recently, she has vetoed every single bill passed by the Georgia legislature, welcomed Eleanor Roosevelt to a State dinner in the hospital cafeteria, and given impromptu speeches to anyone who will listen during ‘arts and crafts’ Tuesdays and Friday night bingo.