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Fossil Fuels Burned While Attending Climate Summit Bring Us One Year Closer To Ecological Annihilation


Much like an open bar at an AA meeting or a scouting jamboree run by pedophile troop leaders, annual climate summits are just too tempting for global warming junkies.  Nearly 50,000 ‘climate justice warriors’ couldn’t help but flock to the latest summit from all corners of the world and, in the process, left a massive ‘footprint’ of over 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide in just one week.  Not only would that level of CO2 emission power more than 120,000 cars for an entire year, or provide the annual energy usage for nearly 25,000 homes, but it will also hasten the demise of our planet by a full year.  Next year’s summit, tentatively billed as “You Don’t Want to Miss This – The Sixteenth Last Chance to Save the World,” will be held at Yasgur’s farm in New York State where the concept of climate change originated some fifty years ago during a bad acid trip.