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National Abortion Federation (NAF) Introduces Lesbian Episcopal Priest as New President and CEO


The Very Reverend Katherine Ragsdale has been chosen to lead the abortion rights organization, and is charged with the responsibility of advancing its efforts in the education and advocacy of murdering the innocent.  In her first speech as president, the Right Reverend Ragsdale highlighted the group’s charter of “providing standards of care, protocols, and clinical education to health care professionals,” noting that the passage of Roe v. Wade is responsible for a 90% reduction in abortion-related deaths.  Ragsdale, however, conveniently ignores the 60,000,000 unborn who have perished in ‘abortion-related deaths.’ 

Hitching the abortion giant’s wagon to a ‘religious’ figure was a brilliant marketing move, giving moral legitimacy to an otherwise demonic group, much like tapping, say, the Rev. Jesse Jackson to head the KKK, or Margaret Thatcher as president of the Democrat Socialists of America.  Ragsdale has claimed that abortionists are her personal heroes and women who procure an abortion, saints.  What would Jesus do?  Well, according to Ragsdale, our Savior would be cheering on the wanton destruction of life. 

The Reverend, as mentioned in her bio, also has “an abiding affinity” for Pol Pot, is enthralled by the putrid smells of rotting flesh, and in her spare time enjoys going to crucifixions.  “Exterminating the unborn is every women’s human right,” homilized the newly crowned high priestess of abortion.  In furthering our cultural delusions, the Police Benevolent Association has also hired Colin Kaepernick as their public relations spokesman, and the Jesuits are pushing for the ‘pre-death’ canonization of Fr. James Martin.