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Scientists Remind Us That Recent Cold Temperatures Do Not Invalidate Global Warming


“Variation in the temperature is the weather, not the climate,” is the latest argument by ‘grant fund babies’ of the climate change conglomerate.  After pontificating for decades now that rising temperatures are indicative of global warming, the coldest winter on record for a large swath of North America has been explained away as nothing but ‘weather.’  Although counter-intuitive, this is the way climate science works, the experts explain, through the newly discovered scientific theory of ‘quis non facit sensu’.  Warming temperatures, especially when manipulated and massaged, are proof of global warming; falling temperatures in no way negate that fact.  The new theory has been applied in other areas of science, and our culture, as well.  ‘Quis non facit sensu’ also explains the recent discovery of sixty-three gender types, the thought processes of socialists, and why Al Sharpton is not in jail for tax evasion.


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